Why and How Sablier Is Still Free to Use

And there's no catch.

Why and How Sablier Is Still Free to Use

Being in touch with potential Sablier users, we are often asked the question of what the pricing model is for Sablier. The answer is always the same: it's entirely free to use (aside from gas fees) and we intend to keep it that way for the medium term.

The next question is often, how is that sustainable? What's the catch? There is none, and that's why we decided to write this blog post to clarify our stance.

Right now, our core priority at Sablier is growth. Growth. Growth. Growth. We intend to become the universal immutable token distribution layer for crypto.

Sablier's co-founders initially bootstrapped the project using their own funds and a few grants, we were then subsequently acquired, and two years later spun out given the success the protocol was getting. Since then, we have been privately funded thanks to an incredible team of angels and VCs such as a16z crypto's CSX (think Y Combinator for crypto), A Capital and more, which is why we can allow ourselves to entirely, ruthlessly and unapologetically focus on growth and keep our product entirely free to use, for now.

We may eventually charge fees as we will need to generate revenue and become self-sustainable, obviously, but our core priority at the moment is offering the best possible token distribution for our users. A fee system we could implement would be, for example, a flat percentage fee on every stream created. It wouldn't be retroactive. In fact, we can't even do that due to how our smart contracts are designed.

The core Sablier protocol is entirely immutable, and we have no control over it, meaning there would be no way for us to retroactively charge users. Any token distribution plans created until then, if that ever happens, will be free, forever.

For third-party integrators, we offer a broker fee system, which allows them to charge fees on every stream created through their own interface/integration. Needless to say that the official Sablier interface does not charge broker fees (or any types of fees whatsoever), as mentioned previously. The broker fee system is there to incentivize third-party integrations by offering them a native way to generate a revenue stream.

That's a wrap. Want to get started? Start here.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord or Twitter — we’d love to hear from you.-