Sablier Labs Raises $4.5M Seed Round

Sablier Labs Raises $4.5M Seed Round

We're incredibly excited to announce that Sablier Labs has raised a $4.5M seed round from A Capital, Fenbushi Capital, WAGMI Ventures, GD1 web3, Cyfrin, DCV, Founderheads, and an outstanding lineup of angels – Daniel Bar, Ben Middleton, Evan Van Ness, David Iach, Ari Barmat, Kartik Talwar, Igor Barinov, Sarunas Legeckas, Blake Gao, David Truong, Martin Tellechea, Moshe Malawach, Auryn MacMillan, Kerman Kohli, John Henderson, Lito Coen, Paul Salisbury, Alp Ergin, Clement Fermaud, and Matej Nemček.

We have also received funding from a16z Crypto Startup Accelerator, as a participant in the CSX Spring 2024 cohort in London.

This is a big leap from our pre-seed in 2022, when we raised $500K from Starbloom Capital, Safe Ecosystem Foundation,, Doug Leonard, and Charles Songhurst.

Sablier has been the leading on-chain token distribution and money-streaming solution for five years now, with over 65K streams created, $50M in stablecoin volume, and over $161M in median TVL over the past three years. The protocol has been used by organizations like Shapeshift, NounsDAO, VitaDAO, Maple Finance and hundreds of others for vesting, payroll, airdrops, grants, and other similar use cases.

Wondering how Sablier can support your organization's operations? Get in touch with our team here.

The investment will enable us to:

  • Hire top talent from across the world.
  • Improve and expand our current product offering with an open-ended streaming product, enabling an even better user experience for use cases involving recurring payments, such as payroll.
  • Build a next-generation payment platform (codename: "Sablier V3") that is currently in stealth mode.

We can't wait to showcase the amazing products we have been working on internally. Stay tuned on Twitter and Farcaster, and check out our website at

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If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord or Twitter — we’d love to hear from you.