Big Day for Sablier: We Raised a Grant

Big Day for Sablier: We Raised a Grant

We’re excited to announce that we raised a grant from MakerDAO to take our endeavours further. We will use the funds to expand the team and ship a beautiful mobile-first dapp for continuous salaries.

The grant package includes a smart contract security audit from a top security firm in the industry, but we will get an additional pair of eyes to inspect the codebase. More information on this over the following months.


We announced Sablier in early June and people’s reactions took us by surprise in a very positive way:

We were also happy to see the community coming up with new use cases for Sablier and the general concept of money streaming:

Talking with Users

Now, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Some users didn’t like the fact that the beta doesn’t have a mobile version, while others found the deposit page rather counter-intuitive.

The major limiting factor though was the inability to use Sablier from the comfort of a multisig wallet. Most organisations store money in a wallet secured by several stakeholders’ keys. We must adjust for this.

We greatly appreciate and encourage this sort of feedback and criticism. Building a great product is an iterative, experimental process. Please do reach out if you want to report anything.

Also, to be the first one to have access to Sablier 1.0, sign up here!


Sablier’s mission is to give everyone instant access to their income and make the payday loan industry obsolete, while remaining fully decentralised by virtue of being built on Ethereum and using stablecoins like DAI.

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned below for more updates:

If you want to get in touch personally, I’m on Twitter and Keybase.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord or Twitter — we’d love to hear from you.