Sablier V1 Expands to Ronin Chain

Sablier V1 Expands to Ronin Chain

Sablier is continuously expanding: our latest deployment is on Ronin Chain, the network powering the very successful Axie Infinity game.

Ronin is an Ethereum sidechain and is currently the second largest blockchain when it comes to NFT sales volume.

Sky Mavis, the team behind Ronin and Axie Infinity, will be leveraging Sablier’s battle-tested streaming solution to handle grants. Instead of sending funds over to grant recipients all at once or every quarter, grant recipients will now be able to be paid in real time, by the second.

Note though that Sablier also allows streams to be canceled at any time. If grant recipients stop delivering, Sky Mavis can simply stop the stream to avoid the loss of funds.

Getting started

Before being able to use Sablier on Ronin, you will need to bridge your funds over by using the Ronin Bridge.

Next up, head over to our stream creation interface, pick Ronin as the blockchain from the dropdown menu on the upper left and connect your wallet. The Sablier interface will automatically switch your wallet to the right chain when selecting a different chain in the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, if you know that someone had started streaming money to you on Ronin, just head to our claiming interface.

You are now ready to start streaming!

Wrap up

We continue to deliver on our mission to bring money-streaming to the masses.

We were the first ones to bring this new financial primitive to the market, and Sablier is and remains the leading money-streaming protocol in crypto, with over 30,000 users and $1.4B in cumulative payment volume to date.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord or Twitter — we’d love to hear from you.