Introducing Sablier V2 Streams NFTs

Similar to Uniswap V3 Positions NFTs, Sablier V2 Streams are rendered as on-chain SVGs.

Introducing Sablier V2 Streams NFTs

Let’s talk about Sablier V2 Streams NFTs. They’re a bit like Uniswap V3 Positions NFTs; every Sablier V2 Stream is wrapped in an ERC-721 NFT, owned by the recipient of the stream.

This feature might seem minor on the surface, but it has a ripple effect with huge implications.

Hourglass SVGs

To aid the discoverability of the NFTs, they are visually represented as colorful hourglasses.

The color theme is pseudorandom, meaning the color output is sensitive to the variations in stream data, producing a range of unique hues. There’s no way to tell ahead of time what unique color you will get.

The hourglass is an SVG that is 100% generated on-chain and derived from the data of the underlying stream:

  • The percentage of the deposit amount that has been streamed
  • The current status of the stream (pending, streaming, settled, canceled, or depleted)
  • The streamed amount
  • The total duration for which the stream lasts

For those interested in the low-level implementation details, the source code can be found here:

v2-core/src/SablierV2NFTDescriptor.sol at bca1d9ea0485b065544486bb01f4148d44289644 · sablier-labs/v2-core
⏳ Core smart contracts of the Sablier V2 token streaming protocol - sablier-labs/v2-core

Integration use cases

Sablier V2 NFTs aren’t just pretty — they are backed by the underlying ERC-20 tokens locked up in the stream.

Borrowing against future income

Once someone starts a Sablier stream toward you, you could potentially use the stream as collateral to borrow money in a compatible NFT lending protocol. You’re essentially securing a loan with income you haven’t even received yet. Mind-blowing, right?

This opens a world of opportunity, especially for DAO contributors who could access credit quickly using their Sablier stream as collateral. It’s a game-changer, and we’ve been working hard over the past few months to integrate this natively with Astaria, a top-tier NFT lending protocol.

Buy and sell streams

But wait, there’s more. This NFT representation means you could even sell your stream on marketplaces like OpenSea or Blur. Let’s say you’re due to receive a stream of 10,000 USDC over a year, but you need the cash now and you don’t want to borrow against it.

Simple solution: sell it at a slight markdown, say for 9500 USDC. It’s an arbitrage trade, where the buyer’s willing to pay a 500 USDC premium to wait a year to receive the full 10,000 USDC. You get your income up front, for a small fee.

The concept of discounted cash flow is not a metaphor anymore.

Calling NFT marketplaces

If you are interested in integrating Sablier V2 Streams in your NFT lending protocol, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Sablier V2 Streams NFTs are paving the way for a ton of new opportunities in DeFi. The possibilities are limited only by imagination, and we can’t wait to see what innovative use cases will emerge in the future.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord or Twitter — we’d love to hear from you.-