How TokenSight Leverages Sablier's Vesting Solution

Learn why they locked up over 80% of their token’s supply in Sablier’s battle-tested token vesting solution.

How TokenSight Leverages Sablier's Vesting Solution

TokenSight, a groundbreaking platform for DEX trading, is set to redefine the landscape of crypto trading.

With pioneering features like trade orders, copy trading, and real-time alerts, TokenSight revolutionizes the way traders engage with the crypto market.

As TokenSight embarked on this ambitious journey, it faced the complex challenge of managing token vesting, a critical aspect for ensuring long-term alignment with its users and stakeholders.

The Challenge

As a trailblazer in the DEX arena, TokenSight's had to set up a token vesting program that was both efficient and secure. Traditional vesting methods, often cumbersome and inflexible, posed two significant challenges:

  • Time-Consuming management: Traditional vesting requires continuous oversight and manual intervention, leading to inefficiencies and a high administrative burden.
  • Security concerns: Conventional vesting processes can be vulnerable to security risks, especially when payments are made manually, or if a custom vesting contract is used.
Sablier enabled us to seamlessly stream our unlocked tokens with a smooth and efficient user experience.

Moreover, its implementation proved to be remarkably cost-effective, significantly more economical than competing options.

Our decision to opt for Sablier was driven by its capability to seamlessly execute our intricate vesting schedule. - Blagoj, CEO at TokenSight Corp

The Solution

In its quest for an optimal solution, TokenSight turned to Sablier. Sablier's approach to token vesting offered several advantages aligned with TokenSight's needs:

  • Streamlined and efficient: Sablier's token distribution solution allows for a 'set and forget' approach, significantly reducing the administrative workload. The TokenSight team can now fully focus on building their DEX solution.
  • Decentralized and secure: the Sablier protocol is fully decentralized and immutable, the Sablier team has no access to user funds. The Sablier codebase has received multiple audits and been widely praised for its quality.
  • Real-time fund access: Recipients can withdraw funds the second they are distributed, ensuring a great user experience.

The Benefits/Results

Locking up over 80% of its token supply into Sablier’s cutting-edge token distribution protocol, the TokenSight team was able to completely streamline their vesting processes and win a lot of valuable time.

And given the streams were set as uncancelable at creation date, recipients are guaranteed to receive their vested TKST tokens.

Oh, and did we mention that Sablier is completely free to use?

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord or Twitter — we’d love to hear from you.-