Case Study: TokenOps

Why a leading cap-table management tool has integrated the Sablier token distribution protocol.

Case Study: TokenOps

TokenOps is one of the leading cap-table solutions in crypto at the moment. Using its advanced interface, companies can create, manage and track vesting programs, while investors can manage their portfolio of vested tokens in an easy way,having access to top-notch compliance and accounting features.

They also provide in-depth insights and analytics, enabling users to get a deep overview of their token’s ownership and utilization, tracking token-holders, receiving alerts for key token movements, etc.

Integrating Sablier Is the Only Logical Choice

At Sablier, we like to think that one of the reasons for TokenOps’ success is its strategic integration with Sablier V2, the leading token distribution protocol in crypto. Sablier has been on mainnet since 2019, when we introduced our flagship payment model: the linear stream.

Thanks to the integration, TokenOps has been able to focus on building itsfront-end product. In the background, our  state-of-the-art, battle-tested protocol is powering  their interface, for free.

For potential integrators looking to harness the power of token streaming and token distribution, Sablier V2 is the only logical choice. Here’s why:

  • Unparalleled security: Sablier has been around since 2019 and has never been hacked, with an average monthly TVL of $174M since 2021 and today. It’s battle-tested.
  • Cost effective: The protocol is entirely free to use at the moment.
  • Native revenue generation: While the protocol is free to use, that doesn’t mean you cannot make money integrating it. Using our built-in third-party fee system, integrators can charge a fee on every stream created through their interface, natively.
  • Incredible user experience: We have over four years of experience when it comes to on-chain token distribution. The Sablier protocol is specifically tailored for integrators looking to it for vesting, grants, airdrops, payroll, and more similar use cases.

The integration of Sablier V2 into TokenOps is a blueprint for what other integrators can achieve. TokenOps has leveraged Sablier V2 to offer vesting programs where streaming curves can be linearly streamed, something unique in the ecosystem. Other token distribution protocols only offer discrete payment schedules.

A Call to Action for Integrators

But the greatest advantage for TokenOps by far, is that integrating Sablier V2 gives it the ability to fully and ruthlessly focus on building out its own product, while not having to build any smart contracts, deal with audits, etc. The savings in time, payroll, and frustration are priceless.

For integrators contemplating the right protocol to integrate, or contemplating whether or not they should build their own, the message is clear: Sablier V2 is the only protocol that offers the robustness, flexibility, and economic viability (it’s free!) required to succeed.

The success of TokenOps proves it.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord or Twitter — we’d love to hear from you.-