Case Study: Parifi's Adoption of Sablier for Token Vesting

Onchain vesting, onchain transparency.

Case Study: Parifi's Adoption of Sablier for Token Vesting

Parifi, a pioneering platform in the perpetual contracts market, has leveraged Sablier for vesting programs encompassing core contributors, potential future contributors, their reserves fund, and strategic round investors.

Parifi allows you to trade on both desktop and mobile, while offering a cutting-edge liquidity curve mechanism, along with auto-compounding LP vaults and many other features.


Parifi aimed to establish a vesting framework that was secure, efficient, and adaptable to the needs of various stakeholders, including core team members and investors. Traditional vesting methods posed challenges in terms of flexibility, security, and administrative overhead. But the largest problem by far, was related to transparency.

Sablier offers natively third-party sharing for vesting plans, meaning the creator of a vesting plan can share the URL of the page with a third-party, including someone other than the recipient, so they can check the progress of the vesting program. This level of transparency is unmatched.

“Sablier's cutting-edge vesting solutions have empowered Parifi to streamline our token distribution, marrying transparency with efficiency. This not only enhances the user experience but also strengthens trust within our community.” — Chester Bella, Product Development at Parifi

Token Distribution Redefined

Further enhancing its token distribution strategy, Parifi implemented the EscrowedEXA contract, managing vested $PRF tokens using Sablier. This contract escrows tokens within incentivized vaults and staking pools, ensuring a gradual and secure reward unlocking, and aligning the interests of contributors and investors.

Moreover, Parifi aims to incorporate Airstreams for the progressive distribution of airdrops. This approach contrasts with traditional lump-sum distributions and aligns with the long-term incentives of PRF token holders, contributing to the ecosystem's stability and growth.


By integrating Sablier's vesting solutions, Parifi achieved a dynamic, transparent and secure approach to token distribution.

By vesting the token allocation for the Parifi Reserve fund, the team ensured that the community could transparently verify the vesting procedure at any time, and see how much of the funds have already been withdrawn by the fund. Vesting the contributor allocations allows Parifi to incentivize them and align their long-term interests with the project’s. The same applies to strategic round investors.

This improves the trust of the Parifi community in the ecosystem and strengthens the appeal of the PRF token, as community members have full knowledge and can independently verify when tokens will be unvested.


In conclusion, through Sablier's innovative vesting solutions, Parifi not only addressed the challenges of security, efficiency, and transparency in token distribution but also fostered a stronger bond of trust within its community.

The transparent, dynamic approach to vesting aligns the interests of core contributors, investors, and the community with the long-term goals of Parifi, enhancing the overall appeal and resilience of the PRF token.

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