How Maple Uses Sablier for Vesting

The largest on-chain institutional capital marketplace is using Sablier for its internal vesting program.

How Maple Uses Sablier for Vesting

Maple, the leading on-chain institutional capital marketplace, stands out from the crowd.

Built with both traditional financial institutions and decentralized finance leaders, Maple is transforming debt-capital markets by combining industry-standard compliance and due diligence with the transparent and frictionless lending enabled by smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Maple launched in 2021 and connects institutional lenders and borrowers with capital opportunities on-chain.

The Challenge

In 2021, the Maple team introduced a new token and faced the task of organizing their vesting program to distribute this token among employees, advisors, and key partners.

The traditional vesting process poses substantial challenges:

  1. Manual payments: This approach requires labor-intensive allocation every three months, a process that is not only cumbersome but also places trust in the company to follow through.
  2. Custom vesting smart contract: Creating a custom contract for vesting demands additional development efforts, security considerations, and a dedicated claiming interface for recipients, often leading to a less-than-ideal user experience.

Additionally, the predictable release of traditional vesting schedules presented risks such as the potential for speculation and rapid selling of tokens by recipients.

The Solution

Sablier’s advanced token streaming solution offered an elegant solution to Maple’s challenges.

With a one-time setup, Sablier’s streaming enables companies to “set and forget” their vesting programs, with the option to cancel a stream if necessary.

Sablier has become our go-to solution for streamlining token vesting for our team since May 2021. We’re thoroughly impressed by how it effortlessly automates complex token vesting processes, saving us time and ensuring accuracy.

Their responsive customer service and seamless integration with Safe make the experience even more delightful. — Ryan O’Shea, Head of Operations at Maple

Token streams distribute payments in fractions, allowing recipients to withdraw funds at any time. This method effectively solves the dumping problem.

Sablier’s ability to create multiple streams in a single transaction makes it perfect for large-scale vesting programs.


Maple’s use of Sablier since 2021 has allowed them to shift their focus from dealing with complex traditional vesting contracts to growing their institutional capital marketplace.

Sablier is integrated with Safe, which empowered the Maple team to create streams directly from their multisig wallet, enhancing the user experience.

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